Twigg Hollow Logo

We are a small, family-owned farm in Thomaston, Georgia. We serve residents in Upson, Pike, and surrounding counties.

Our farm philosophy is simple: If you take care of the land, it will take care of you. Likewise, if you take care of your customers, they’ll take care of you, too.

We follow USDA guidelines for organic production on our farm, but do NOT carry certification. We avoid (like the plague) synthetic, petroleum-based, or otherwise questionable inputs on our farm, just as a certified organic grower would. But, we also take principles from permaculture and biodynamic farming to build a healthy ecosystem for our produce, our animals, and our neighbors. That enables us to grow clean produce without unnecessary extra machinery or incur the expense of hiring extra help throughout the growing season. Saving money on certification, machinery, and labor allows us to keep our prices reasonable and affordable.

We firmly believe that life is better when it’s real…real food, real people, and real community. If I wouldn’t feed it to my grandkids or let them play in it, you won’t find it here, either. We just wouldn’t be good neighbors otherwise.